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eComm Upgrade: February 19, 2019 Project Update

Nalini Kaplan, Director, Enterprise CRM, Center of Excellence, provided the updates below to the eComm team on Tuesday, February 19.

Overall Progress

The team continues to make strides against remaining high-priority foundational instance/org work. We have a handful of tasks remaining, mostly dependent on CVENT engagement/external environmental factors.

Finishing this week/sprint 63:

  • Deploy train management
  • Existing Campaign Configs
  • Marketing Cloud Configs
  • Email Preferences – initial load, confirm checkboxes on contact object
  • Migration -  Data SFDC
  • SimpleSend

Goals for next two week sprint include:

  • End-to-end testing and User Validation
  • Cutover tasks
  • User Provisioning

Cvent Update

  • Plan that remaining the load test (all previous cvent events) will be started and completed by EOB.
  • Need some eComm Specialists to do some spot checking of an event in Cvent, check the event in prod and eComm Stage
  • Campaigns (non-cvent) are loaded in Prod. Kalman plans to have the Campaign Members in for validation, etc. by EOB tomorrow, provided Cvent load test finishes without major issue.


  • All UIS data for Individual Contacts has been loaded and is getting closer to production data every day.  We are to the point of tediously analyzing error reports at UIS and fixing issues that we learn from those reports.  In most cases that means loading contacts that errored, then loading the related data for those contacts.
  • Standard/bucket contacts that have Email addresses have all been exported from current org loaded to new org.
  • Duplicate merge is working between new org and MDM and we are working on building out DCR process.