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eComm Upgrade: Email Preferences

CU's constituent email preferences are the cornerstone of the eComm program. They allow our constituents to tell us what types of communications they wish to receive or if they no longer want to hear from us. CU has been collecting and storing email preferences for years: they transferred to eComm from our old Harris Connect communication platform, and they will transfer to our new Salesforce environment as well.

All preferences for all constituents will transfer to the new environment; however, there will be a gap during the rolling migration of Marketing Cloud business units. To ensure that this gap doesn't negatively affect our constituents' experience, we will modify the email preferences language in each preference center to the following:

Thank you for modifying your email preferences. Please be aware that you are updating your preferences only for the email categories above and not for all emails from the University of Colorado. If you would like more information on managing your email preferences or would like to opt out of all CU emails, please email for assistance.

This language will allow us to direct constituents who wish to modify their preferences for multiple campuses when only one campus has migrated to the new Salesforce environment. For example, a graduate who holds degrees from both the Colorado Springs and Boulder campuses might want to update her preferences for both campuses, but will only be able to do so for one campus during the transition.

To address this gap, the COE will manually run a weekly job to identify and reconcile differences between the current and new Salesforce environments. This manual job will likely occur every Friday throughout the migration so that CU is able to honor CAN-SPAM within the ten day legal limit.