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eComm Upgrade: December 20, 2018 Project Update

Kyle Kirves, the COE's project manager for the eComm upgrade, joined the eComm team on Thursday, December 20, to provide an update on ongoing project efforts.


There has been significant progress in the integrations space as we continue to work with UIS on standing up integrations for New eComm. No blocks to progress, but some work does remain and will drift into the next sprint. We test integrations as they complete, and a handful (about seven) should test through to completed work by end of business 12/21/18.

Functional Tools and Apps

Business analysis and solution architects concentrate on tools and apps work. BAs are working in tandem on this work so that in the event a backup is needed, there will be no delays to progress.

  • Most progress in-house is against the CVENT tool (though vendor issues are creating a certain amount of delay there; escalation is in progress)
  • SFDC Configuration is underway and proceeds apace with no blocks to progress
  • Continuing work without delay or blocks on the SimpleSend tool with our contractors - expect this work to close on time, target
  • Marketing Cloud work is in flight as well

Page Layouts

Page layout work proceeds apace. It is currently in the hands of one of our Solution Architects who is good position to build them and unit test them. All page layout work will complete with this sprint (1/4/19).

License Needs for Project Support

Additional licenses are now "in hand" for any additional staffing needs we might need in the short term.

Migration of Marketing Cloud content after February 15, 2019

Nonie Roberts is determining how any remaining Marketing Cloud content will transfer after 2/15/19.

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