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eComm Upgrade: Cvent UAT Completed

The eComm team completed user acceptance testing (UAT) for Cvent between January 14 and January 18, 2019. In partnership with Nonie Roberts and Kalman Sweetwine at the Center of Excellence (COE), the following functionality was tested:

Cvent-Salesforce Integration

The eComm upgrade will include an automatic integration between Cvent and Salesforce so that event planners can access and report on a robust set of data for their special events. Previously, eComm Specialists had to manually integrate each Cvent event in order to capture registration information in Salesforce. Once the eComm upgrade is complete, the integration will occur automatically and will capture information including event dates, fees, capacity, accounting information, and more. An example of data captured in the integration is included below. 

Sample: Cvent-Salesforce Integration

Contact Details Integration

After the eComm upgrade, all event registrants (including guests when an email address is provided) will be sent to Salesforce via the Cvent-Salesforce integration. Once the registrant information is in Salesforce, it will be matched against existing contact records to determine if the individual registrant already has a contact record. If a contact record is present, the Cvent registration will automatically be merged with the Salesforce contact record to give communicators a 360-degree view of each constituent. If a match is not found, Salesforce will automatically create a contact record for the registrant (so long as an email address is present) so that these individuals can be included in future communications.

Registration and Attendance Status

The Cvent-Salesforce integration will also capture attendance information for each event (when the event planner records that information at the event using OnArrival or after the fact manually in Cvent). Registration statuses including attended, canceled, no-show, and declined will be captured in the integration and will be reportable for future audience segmentation and email sends.

Cvent UAT Team

Special thanks to the COE team and the eComm Specialists who conducted UAT:

  • Amber Bartlett
  • Melanie Jones
  • Caroline Kelly
  • Jennifer Mortensen
  • Eric Nissen
  • Nonie Roberts
  • Kalman Sweetwine
  • Daniella Torres