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eComm Upgrade: Advance Geocode

Of the many Salesforce fields on which eComm users rely to target their communications, geographic information is one of the most important. CU's eComm data contains a wealth of information that allow users (in conjunction with their eComm Specialists) to build reports targeting CU constituents in specific areas. Among the most common fields used are the following:

  • Address (mailing, business, home, other)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Advance Geocode

One major benefit of using the Advance Geocode is that it allows users to target larger areas based on data from the Advance database rather than entering multiple cities and zip codes into an individual query, thus saving a lot of time and additional research. A few examples of geocodes are as follows:

  • DENVR - Denver - Arvada, Aurora, Littleton, Westminster
  • LONGM - Longmont, Erie
  • COSPR - Colorado Springs, Air Force Academy, Black Forest

In the past, eComm users have been somewhat limited in their ability to use Advance geocode reliably because there is no integration for this field between Advance and Salesforce. The lack of an integration for this field has meant that a team member at the COE must manually upload geocodes to Salesforce contact records in order to keep the data timely and accurate. This process is time consuming and doesn't allow eComm users to access the best Advance geocode data on a daily basis.

As part of the eComm upgrade, the process to build an integration for Advance geocode has begun. While the integration will not be complete at the launch of the new eComm environment, it is on the road map to go live in near future.