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Cvent Flex | Frequently Asked Questions

eComm is rolling out Flex in early 2020. All Cvent users will be invited to training sessions to assist with your transition.

Review frequently asked questions associated to Cvent Flex.

Q: What is Flex? 
Flex is Cvent's newest way to create your events. It provides a drag-and-drop site designer to make creating a custom, modern looking website easy.

Q: What does Flex do? What does Flex NOT do?
Some of the benefits of Flex include the new drag-and-drop site designer, device responsiveness, enhanced visual elements and a drag-and-drop email designer. Downsides include not being able to collect donations. Review the complete list of available and pending features to determine which events you can and cannot transition to Flex. 

Q: Do I have to transition to Flex right now?
Not, right now - but very soon. Learn more about the timelines associated to Classic sunsetting (July 1 - Dec. 31, 2021).

Q: Are the same Classic features available in Flex?
Cvent is regularly releasing additional features in Flex until it mirrors standard registration. 

Q: How will I get trained?
We are here to help! You will have the opportunity to attend on-campus, virtual, or on-demand training.

Q: Is there a 'Convert my Standard event to Flex' button?
Sadly, no. You will need to create a new Flex event and customize it to mirror your previous Standard event form, once all features your event requires are available.

Q: Should I transition all my events at once?
That's ambitious! Instead of transitioning everything at once, we encourage you to prioritize your events and re-create them in Flex one at a time. Learn more about how to transition successfully.

Flex FAQs from Cvent