The System eComm team has completed phase one of three of the Marketing Cloud migration.
Learn about phase one of the Marketing Cloud content migration for the eComm upgrade.
Learn about user acceptance testing (UAT) and the UAT team for the eComm upgrade.
Learn about how email preferences will transfer to the new Salesforce environment during the eComm upgrade.
The COE announced a reporting workshop for eComm Specialists that will occur in January 2019.
Learn about how journeys in Marketing Cloud will migrate to the new environment during the eComm upgrade.
Learn about a Salesforce enhancement that is part of the eComm upgrade: field change history.
Review the December 14, 2018 eComm upgrade announcement and associated project website.
The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may soon impact how CU does business. GDPR establishes a new set of standards for data privacy that affects how the University handles data collected while individuals are in the EU and gives relevant EU data subjects certain rights over their data. We value the privacy of CU’s constituents and want to provide an update and guidance to the CU community about how best to respond to GDPR related inquiries you may receive.
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