One highlight of the eComm upgrade is the transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. Learn about the vast amount of data that's available at your fingertips and how sending emails and hosting events automatically enhances that perspective.
eComm specialists can share Report and Dashboard Folders and Subfolders with users and public groups. Those with access will be able to view its contents in Salesforce and in Marketing Cloud.
Learn about key changes that will affect eComm users when each campus migrates.
Learn more about the impact of the eComm upgrade migration for users.
The eComm Upgrade has deepened our Cvent integration with Salesforce; plus it happens automatically at launch!
The things you have access to in Marketing Cloud, align with your role. Checkout a breakdown on the things different roles can and can't do.
The eComm Upgrade has deepened our Cvent integration with Salesforce. In addition to tracking participation information for primary registrants, we can now track their guests as well. To get the big picture of event participation in Salesforce, you'll need to ensure your Cvent form has a specific settings.
While Cvent looks and functions the same, beneath the surface is an upgraded integration with Salesforce.
Experience a modern, streamlined experience in Salesforce Lightning.
Marketing Cloud looks the same, but we've streamlined audience selection.