Automatic Salesforce Integration

The eComm Upgrade has deepened our Cvent integration with Salesforce; plus it happens automatically at launch!

Automatically Integrate with Salesforce

  • When you launch your event, Cvent automatically:
    • creates the Campaign in Salesforce
    • integrates the particular event with the particular Salesforce Campaign


Your eComm specialist used to complete this step during approval. While this piece will be done automatically, you must still get approval on all events.

Naming Convention

  • Your Salesforce Campaign name is created based of information in Cvent to follow a consistent naming convention.
Campus_ Event Start Date_ Event Name

01 = Boulder
02 = Anschutz
03 = Denver
04 = UCCS
08 = System
09 = Advancement

    • 01_20190601_2019 Buffalo Bicycle Classic
    • 02_20190325_April First Friday Breakfast
    • 08_20190411_eComm Training

Campus - Select the campus that you work at, not the location the event is hosted. In other words, if you work at UCCS and are hosting the event in Boulder, you should indicate your campus as UCCS.

Event Name - If you have multiple events on the same day, it's best to give your event a unique name. That will make differentiating between different Campaigns in Salesforce easier.


To easily search for your Salesforce Campaign, search for the event name or start date.