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Accessing your Campus VPN

Beginning on 12/12/21, you'll need to be either on a CU network or use a CU VPN connection to access Salesforce and Marketing Cloud. Not sure how to access and configure your campus VPN? We've linked a few helpful resources below.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, provides an additional layer of security for the work you do online. It adds an additional level of protection so that data remains secure.

Does each campus have its own VPN?

Yes, each campus has a separate VPN. When you login to the VPN, you'll do so with your campus user name and password.

How do I access my campus VPN?

Each campus has resources and instructions on how to install and access its VPN. Follow the links below to use the VPN for your campus. Need additional VPN support? Contact your campus Help Desk.


Some UCCS eComm users utilizing the email marketing platform are seeing a rise in error messages when trying to login. After some troubleshooting with the CU System team, UCCS users and the UCCS OIT Help Desk, we have found a solution! If you run into a "password is incorrect" error message frequently, although you may have recently updated your password, please troubleshoot using the following steps:

- Notify your UCCS eComm team to alert us of the issue.

- Reach out to the OIT Help Desk via the live chat option.

- Explain to the support representative that you need help updating your VPN settings from split-tunnel to full-tunnel.

- Complete the session with OIT Help Desk and notify your UCCS eComm team if you continue to experience issues.