1800 Grant Meeting Logistics

Conference Rooms

Room Capacity Video Projection Conference Phone Video Conference Scheduling Liaison
1st Floor (room diagram)
1st Floor (Room 100) 28 (table) - 24 (perimeter) X X X Cari.Roberts@cu.edu
2nd Floor
Trout (Room 215) 8 X X   uis_busops@cu.edu
Lark (Room 224) 12 X X   uis_busops@cu.edu
Training Room (Room 256) 17 X X   uis_busops@cu.edu
3rd Floor
Spruce (Room 304) 14 (table) - 8 (perimeter) X X   uis_busops@cu.edu
Columbine (Room 335) 10 X X   uis_busops@cu.edu
4th Floor
Pikes Peak (Room 402) 10 X X   es.frontdesk@cu.edu
Longs Peak (Room 464) 10 X X   es.frontdesk@cu.edu
Mount Evans (441) 8 (high chairs) X X   es.frontdesk@cu.edu
Mount Elbert (414) 6 X X   es.frontdesk@cu.edu
5th Floor
- Room diagram
- Divider Walls - Setup/Breakdown
Room 501 16 X X   Cari.Roberts@cu.edu
Room 502 16 X X   Cari.Roberts@cu.edu
Room 503 16 X X   Cari.Roberts@cu.edu
*Please note: Rooms 501,502 and 503 have collapsible walls and can be combined into a single space. Audio and video projection can also be combined to accommodate a single presentation on all screens. Also note that tabling outside of these conference rooms is not permitted.
6th Floor
Anschutz (Room 601) 10 X     Kris.Truesdale@cu.edu
Denver (Room 607) 17 (table) - 13 (perimeter) X X   Kris.Truesdale@cu.edu
Boulder (Room 609) 10 X     Kris.Truesdale@cu.edu
Colorado Springs (Room 659) 14 X X   Kris.Truesdale@cu.edu
7th Floor
Charles V Sweet (Room 700) 10 (table) - 1 (perimeter) X X   Angela.Sanchez@cu.edu
8th Floor
Presidents (Room 804) 16 By Request X X Cari.Roberts@cu.edu
Regents (Room 890) 12 By Request     Cari.Roberts@cu.edu

How to Reserve Meeting Rooms

  • Electronic Process for 1800 Grant Street, Mac - Windows

Who to contact to book rooms on the other campuses?

Conference calls

Each individual phone can conference in five lines.  If you need more than five, your department may have their own conference call-in number with its own code, which will be charged to the department Speedtype. Contact UIS for more information.


There are two locations for videoconferencing at 1800 Grant St.: 1st Floor and Presidents Conference Room

Wireless Access/Projector/IT Help

Additional information available in conference rooms and by meeting organizer.

For Help

  • UIS Help Desk
    Phone: 303-860-HELP (4357)
    Email: help@cu.edu
    Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding official university holidays


All refreshments must be coordinated by the meeting organizer. 


  • Coffee is provided by the office sponsoring the meeting, with the exception of meetings held on the first floor. There are now coffee pots/carafes, coffee, filters, disposable cups, creamer, sugar, etc. These supplies will be restocked regularly.

Local Caterers 

Important: PSC Procedural Statement Sensitive Expenses