Article VIII - Committees

Section 1 – Standing Committees

SSC may create such committees as are determined to be necessary to the furtherance of SSC's purposes.

The SSC shall appoint committee members and committee chairs.

Committee membership shall be open to all interested employees within system administration.

Committee chairs must be current representatives of SSC.

All SSC representatives shall serve on at least one committee.

Each committee shall be composed of a chair and such additional members as are required to achieve its designated purpose.

In consultation with committee members, committee chairs shall be responsible for working within the budget designated annually for their respective committees.

Committees may act for or on behalf of SSC only with the prior consent of SSC or the executive committee.

Committees shall maintain records of their activities, and the committee chair shall transfer all committee records to the secretary of SSC upon completion or termination of its purpose or activities as determined by SSC or the executive committee.

A quorum for each committee shall be two committee members.

Committee chairs shall provide to SSC and executive committee reports of their activities as requested.

The following are the standing committees of the SSC. The primary purview of each standing committee is listed herein.

    • Outreach Committee: The Outreach Committee is responsible for organizing community service and engagement projects.
    • Events Committee: The Events Committee is responsible for organizing the University of Colorado system administration employee events which are sponsored by SSC.
    • Communications Committee: The Communications Committee is responsible for the dissemination and collection of information between SSC and system administration employees.
    • Employee Advocacy Committee: The Employee Advocacy Committee is responsible for gathering feedback from system administration employees, and for prioritizing, researching, suggesting outcomes and communicating on all matters before it.
    • Health and Wellness Committee: The Health and Wellness Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating events that will assist system administration in reaching and maintaining health and wellness.

The SSC may establish ad hoc committees as necessary to carry out the work of SSC.