Article VII - Executive Committee

  • The executive committee shall be composed of SSC officers and the immediate past chair of SSC.
  • The executive committee shall have the authority to act on behalf of SSC in emergency or time-sensitive situations.
  • To the fullest extent of its authority, the executive committee shall execute the will of SSC as demonstrated by the votes of its representation and in accordance with these Bylaws.
  • The executive committee shall recommend to the administration of system administration changes to policies and procedures as requested by SSC. It shall be the responsibility of a UCSC representative to stay informed of proposed APSs or policy changes, communicate these to the SSC, facilitate discussion during monthly meetings and convey feedback to UCSC and leadership with the support of the executive committee.
  • The executive committee shall meet as necessary.
  • The executive committee may call special meetings of the SSC as required.
  • A written report of each executive committee meeting shall be prepared and made available to SSC representatives at least one week before regularly scheduled meetings of the SSC.