Policy 4E: Interrelationship of Athletics and Educational Programs

Health Education, Physical Education, Recreation, and Intercollegiate Athletics are related areas which share common objectives and similar physical facilities. These disciplines and activities are financed through a combination of academic budgets, student fees, gate receipts, and from individual donations.

Due to their related goals, they are important parts of one very significant University responsibility. The University recognizes the instructional value of all four of these areas of activity. They each interrelate for instruction not only at the undergraduate and graduate level but also provide a learning experience for life after leaving the University.

In particular, intercollegiate athletics are drama--tragedy and comedy. They are discipline and dedication. They are victory and defeat--elation and dejection. They are respect and discourtesy--sportsmanship and gamesmanship. They are constructive outlets for the adventurous spirit. They are a positive way of life that teaches our young to control their minds, bodies, and emotions through exciting competitions governed by the rules of the game. The Regents of the University recognize the interrelationship of these four areas as an integral portion of the University’s instructional program.

Last Amended: September 23, 2004


adopted November 22, 1972, pp. 17-18., and
amended September 23, 2004