Policy 12B: Student Fees

1. All fees identified in Colorado Revised Statutes 23-1-123 (7)(b) must be approved by the Board of Regents. All of these fees shall annually be reviewed in accordance with the approved institutional student fee plan on each campus and any proposed changes in fees shall be brought to the regents for their review and approval.

2. Utilization of student government, student program and other student fees may also be subject to determination and allocation by student organizations. In all cases, these fee revenues must be allocated by the responsible student organization in a fiscally prudent and fair manner using previously established objective, measurable criteria.

3. Any new fee used to finance long-term debt for the construction or remodeling of a building which is primarily used for academic and or athletic(s) purposes, may only be approved by majority vote of the students voting at a regularly scheduled student election or specially called elections.

Last revised: Nov. 12, 2009


Approved 09/17/1987
Revised 08/19/1993, 01/14/2009, 11/12/2009