7. Privacy and Confidentiality

University employees are the creators and custodians of many types of information. Such information may relate to students, employees, alumni, donors, research sponsors, patients and others. Employees are expected to comply with applicable legal, contractual, and policy obligations to maintain the confidentiality of such information, protect it from improper disclosure, and protect the privacy interests of individuals. To meet these responsibilities, University employees are expected to follow document preservation and retention guidelines, and maintain data security using electronic and physical safeguards.

Related Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

The following is a list of policies, procedures and guidelines related to this ethical principle – the list may not be all-inclusive of the related policies, procedures and guidelines.

Administrative Policy Statements [contact info]

Risk Management [contact info]

Related Training

All training listed below is available online via the SkillSoft training tool.  To get more information, log in to your campus employee portal and click on the Resources Tab the select Training in the menu.

Americans with Disabilities (u000057)

Target Audience: This course is required for all faculty and staff who either teach students and/or supervise employees or student employees.


FERPA (u00049)

Target Audience: This is required course for all university employees who have access to ISIS and recommended for all faculty with access to ISIS.


Information Security for IT Service Providers (u00064)

Target Audience: All IT staff including central an departmental personnel at each campus and anyone who manages IT at the university.


 IT Confidentiality Agreement (u00087)

Target Audience: All University of Colorado information technology employees.


Fiscal Code of Ethics (f00001)

Target Audience: University employees (full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, or hourly). Affiliate fiscal staff who conduct fiscal transactions on behalf of the university.


Fiscal Code of Ethics - Officers (f00002)

Target Audience: Officers of the University and Officers of the Administration are required to take this record of acknowledgment.


Identity Theft Prevention Program (u00077)

Target Audience: University staff and personnel with access to personally identifiable information.


Information Security and Privacy Awareness (u00063)

Target Audience: All CU Employees and Staff