Travel Overview

Before you go

  • Seek approval to travel from department. For international travel, submit an international travel request.
  • Apply for corporate liability Travel Card (US Bank VISA).
  • Take online course Travel and Travel Card Training.
  • Review PSC Procedural Statement Travel.
  • Book trip online through Concur Travel & Expense, or through a travel agent at Christopherson Business Travel. (Conference hotels may need to be booked through the conference.)
  • For non-employee trips: Complete the Non-employee Travel Request form and use Christopherson Business Travel.
  • To pay conference registration, use Travel Card or Procurement Card. To pay lodging deposit (if booked outside of Concur Travel & Expense), use Travel Card.
  • Book rental car online through Concur Travel & Expense. Call Travel Card (1.800.VISA.911) about insurance coverage.
  • Look up destination’s per diem rates (link below), or use Itinerary in Concur Travel & Expense to calculate.
  • For international travel: Book trip through Christopherson Business Travel; apply for international version of Travel Card; review international travel warnings and health alerts; find out if export control laws apply. If No Cost to University travel, enter trip into iSOS.
  • To apply for an advance: Complete the Cash Advance Setup form and submit request within Concur Travel & Expense.

During your trip

  • Pay for personal expenses with personal funds.
  • Keep itemized receipts for all official function meals. Keep itemized receipts for other charges if over $75. E-Receipt available for some lodging or rental car bookings through Concur Travel & Expense. Paper receipt not required if vendor supplies e-Receipt.

When you return

  • Prepare expense report (or give receipts to appropriate delegate) to reconcile Travel Card expenses and request reimbursement for eligible expenses that will not be reimbursed by any other entity. (Note: Travel Card expenses must appear in Concur before they can be reconciled.) Prepare Non- Employee Reimbursement (NR) form if non-employee.
  • Attach required documentation to expense report/NR form.
  • Reimburse CU by personal check if necessary (e.g., for cash advance reconciliation). Attach copy of validated Cash Receipt form to expense report. (Advance type/amount determines 30-day or 60-day due date.)
  • Submit expense report in time to avoid tax implications.

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