Reconciling Procurement Card with Concur

General information on the Procurement Card is available on the Procurement Card Page, including the Procurement Card Handbook.

Refer to the Quick Reference Guide The Expense Report Process for a graphic overview of the expense report process from start to finish.

Step 1 - Creating the Expense Report

Step 3 - Allocating Expenses

Step 4 - Attaching Documents

Step 4a - Attaching Documents Using the Available Receipts Area

Step 4b - Attaching Documents by Scan

Step 4c - Attaching Documents by Fax

Delegates: Emailing Receipts to the Available Receipt Area

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Step 5 - Setting the Approval Flow

Step 6 - Submitting Expense Reports


Did you take the online Procurement Card courses?

  • There are online courses available that guide you through the Procurement Card process.
  • After completing the online courses, customized in-person training can be requested to suit your department's needs.

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