How to Buy Furniture

FYE Purchasing Deadlines from CCi

Need to receive and pay for office furniture from Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi) before June 30? If so, you’ll want to check out CCi’s 2016 fiscal year-end information.

Note: Disregard the memo’s instructions for placing your order. All CU orders are placed through the CCi catalog in the CU Marketplace.

Questions? Contact your CCi sales rep: Dave Daiker or Joseph Sanchez

Boulder, Downtown Denver, and System:

  • Primary: Dave Daiker
  • Phone: 303.370.2204
  • Mobile: 303.489.1485
  • Secondary: Joseph Sanchez

Anschutz Medical Campus and Colorado Springs:

  • Primary: Joseph Sanchez
  • Phone: 303.370.2209
  • Mobile: 720.209.5962
  • Secondary: Dave Daiker

PSC Purchasing Agent: Kathy Chang at

Note: Individuals cannot be reimbursed for personal purchases of this commodity.

This commodity includes office and other furniture, including metal file and storage items. Procurement procedures vary according to the specific vendor and specific type of furniture. The University-wide price agreement with Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi), a division of the Colorado Department of Corrections, is mandatory for the purchase of office furniture (including conference room and lounge furniture) and office systems.

Metal Furniture

HON and Allsteel metal file and storage items - including lateral files, vertical files, bookcases, pedestal files, desks, and storage items - are included in the CCi mandatory price agreement. This price agreement features a customized tier discounting schedule specific to the total quantity of metal furniture products ordered. The standard lead time for metal items is 4 weeks, but an in-stock quick ship option is available for an additional charge.

Before proceeding with the purchase of any type of office furnishings outside this price agreement, departments must obtain approval from the PSC through the waiver process. Departments initiate the process by submitting a waiver request to the PSC.
Note: This price agreement covers office furniture. Departments wishing to purchase non-office furniture should consult with the purchasing agent and then proceed as instructed.

Procurement Options and Procedures

New Furniture

  • $5,000 or less: and from CCi, or with a waiver Submit a Purchase Requisition through the CU Marketplace.
  • $5,001 - $10,000: A PO Requisition to CCi, or See Waiver Process.
  • $10,001 - $500,000: A PO Requisition to CCi, or See Waiver Process. Your purchasing agent needs competition via Documented Quote process, or Sole Source Justification, or a State or University Price Agreement.
  • Over $500,000: A PO Requisition to CCi, or See Waiver Process. Your purchasing agent needs competition via Invitation for Bids or Requests for Proposals, or Sole Source Justification, or State or University Price Agreement.

Used Furniture

NOTE: A furniture waiver is not required when purchasing used furniture. To verify the furniture is used, you must obtain written documentation from the vendor, such as a quote, that specifically states the furniture is used.

  • $5,000 or less: Submit a Purchase Requisition through the CU Marketplace or use Procurement Card.
  • $5,001 - $10,000: A PO Requisition. Your purchasing agent needs adequate documentation to support the purchase (purchasing agent has discretion in determining whether or not competition is required.) .
  • $10,001 - $500,000: A PO Requisition. Your purchasing agent needs competition via Documented Quote process, or Sole Source Justification.
  • Over $500,000: A PO Requisition. Your purchasing agent needs competition via Invitation for Bids or Requests for Proposals, or Sole Source Justification.

Supplier Information

Colorado Correctional Industries

Contact Information

CCi has dedicated support for the CU account at every step of the furniture buying process, from the quote request through the installation.

Sales, Consulting and Quotes

CCi has two sales representatives dedicated to the CU account. Each representative has primary responsibility for specific campuses, and also serves as the back-up contact for the other campuses.

Sales Representative for Boulder, Downtown Denver and System:
Sales Representative for Anschutz and Colorado Springs:

Customer Service

CCi provides all levels of customer service, including ordering assistance, order status updates, and anticipated delivery dates.

 Customer Relations

  • Primary: Richard Moniquand Phone: 303.370.2171
  • Secondary: Cheryl Ahumada Phone: 719.226.4200
  • CCi Help Desk 800.685.7891

Delivery and Installation

CCi has a dedicated warehouse manager to stage deliveries, schedule deliveries, and address any post-installation issue.

  • Primary: Chris Brown Phone: 303.370.2181 Mobile: 720.203.3892
  • Secondary: Paul Humiston Phone: 303.273.1621 Mobile: 303.249.4900

CCi Help Desk: 800.685.7891

Special Notes

  • The CCi catalog on the CU Marketplace provides detailed product information, including pictures, prices, full descriptions, fabrics, colors, laminate selections, etc.
  • CCi also maintains stock on hand in its Denver Warehouse at 4999 Oakland Street. Denver Warehouse items can be found on the CCi catalog under Denver Showroom. The items listed are available immediately, with no delivery charge. The warehouse inventory list contains only part numbers and descriptions. For specific information about the items on the list, contact CCi Customer Relations at 303.370.2209.

University-wide Price Agreement

University/CCi agreement valid through 6-30-17

Purchasing Agent

Kathy Chang

Director of Strategic Procurement
Duane Tucker