How to Buy Charter Services

This commodity is purchased using one of two Category Codes:

  • The Commodity Code TRAVL includes transportation and travel services related to study abroad programs and to vehicle rental, taxi cab use, and lodging expenses for non-employee guests of the University.
  • The Commodity Code CHART is used for chartered services (vans, buses, planes, etc.).

For more information on lodging that is related to official functions or conferences hosted by the University, refer to the How to Buy Official Functions.

Note: Sales contracts for transportation and travel services - regardless of dollar value - must be reviewed and signed by the Procurement Service Center (PSC) prior to the required date of service. Refer to the Administrative Policy Statement Contracting Authority for further information.

Procurement Options and Procedures

  • $5,000 or less: Your Procurement Card or a Department Purchase Order (DPO). Vendor agreements must be reviewed and signed by the PSC. Your Procurement Card can not be used to pay for lodging, either for employees or non-employees.
  • Above $5,000: Use a PO Requisition or SPO Requisition. Vendor agreements must be reviewed and signed by the PSC.


Purchasing Agent

David Turner