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First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Pam Andrade Assistant Small Business Liaison Officer 303.764.3446
Cordelia Angel Accounting Technician 303.764.3401
Tina Bernardoni Contracts Administrator 303.764.3449
Ian Best Contracts Manager 303.764.3451
Robin Bryant Executive Assistant 303.764.3444
Maria Buerman Payable Services Manager 303.764.3454
Jennifer Casanova Purchasing Agent 303.764.3413
Houa Cha Commercial Card Program Assistant 303.764.3402
Kathy Chang Supplier Relationship Specialist 303.764.3465
Gloria Chavez Payable Services Team Lead 303.764.3425
Pete Ciacco Accounting Technician 303.764.3403
Penny Davis Small Business Liaison Officer 303.764.3445
Carolyn DeTemple Administrative Assistant 303.764.3411
Kara Finch Purchasing Services Manager 303.764.3421
Stephanie Frazer Payable Specialist 303.764.3419
Charlie Geanetta Facilities Commodity Manager 303.764.3469
Sally Gumaer Payable Specialist 303.764.3428
Luann Heath Scientific Contract Manager 303.764.3432
Betty Heimansohn Procurement Systems Administrator 303.764.3466
Sandy Hicks Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer 303.764.3456
Susannah Hutchison Procurement Systems Specialist 303.764.3468
Will James Purchasing Services Manager 303.764.3452
Paula Kirkman Accounting Technician 303.764.3412
Stuart Littlefield Senior Purchasing Agent 303.764.3414
Brandy Lombardi Payable Services Team Lead 303.764.3424
Charlene Lydick Director of Procurement Operations 303.764.3450
Mary Martin Director of Payment Services and Travel 303.764.3458
Shelley Martin Payable Specialist 303.764.3407
Jaime Mendez Procurement Systems Administrator 303.764.3415
Shannon Miller Travel Manager 303.764.3457
Sean Myers IT Commodity Manager 303.764.3448
Esther Naftz Travel Coordinator 303.764.3408
Denise Nakamichi Customer Relationship Manager 303.764.3459
Mai Duyen Ngo Senior Payable Specialist 303.764.3416
Lan Nguyen Accounting Technician 303.764.3417
Robyn Nicastro Payable Specialist 303.764.3409
Sondra Payne Commercial Card Program Specialist 303.764.3460
Kelly Richter Business Analyst 303.764.3410
Sarah Rowe Director of Procurement Systems 303.764.3426
Michele Serine Procurement Systems Analyst 303.764.3471
Madeline Souder Purchasing Agent 303.764.3418
Kaye Stewart-Hicks Administrative Supervisor 303.764.3405
Tony Tolin Lead Vendor Specialist 303.764.3461
Duane Tucker Director of Strategic Procurement 303.764.3453
David Turner Purchasing Agent 303.764.3422
Ken Witt Contracts Administrator 303.764.3447