Policy Resources and Tools


The policy owner toolbox provides information on the CU policy process, useful resources and forms, and templates for creating, revising or eliminating policies, including:

  • Process flowchart
  • Guide to writing policies
  • Style guide
  • Forms and templates

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Policy Process

The APS Process Flowchart outlines the key stakeholders, phases and responsible parties involved with the Administration Policy Statements process for initiation, development, approval, implementation and maintenance of the APS issued by the Office of the President. The Office of Policy and Efficiency (OPE) is responsible for the policy process. Key templates used in the process include:

Guide to Writing Policy

Before developing a new policy, read the User Guide to Writing Policies, which will help you plan your policy and fill out the template. Quick links to reference materials:

Planning the Policy Actions

Once the new policy or revision is ready for development, download and complete the Justification Template. Use the Policy Template for new policies or download the latest versions of existing policies in Word format for editing. Use additional templates (procedures, FAQs) to develop related documents. Links and forms for the initial policy development process:

Policy Rollout

Once the policy is approved, it will be finalized and posted online. In addition, OPE and the policy owners will communicate the changes as outlined in the APS Communications Plan. 

Maintaining the Policy

OPE tracks upcoming reviews of the policies and procedures that you own. The APS Database provides access to your policies and related documents.

Policy Hierarchy

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Policies

1. What are the definitions of a Regent Law, Regent Policy, Administrative Policy Statements, policies and procedures?

  • Regent Laws are the laws of the university as directed by the Board of Regents. 
  • Regent Policies are the operating policies of the university and include guidelines for implementing the laws of the regents.
  • Administrative Policy Statements are the procedural policies of system administration for implementing the laws and policies of the regents or systemwide institutional directives that mandate requirements of, or provisions for, members of the university community.
  • A policy is a governing principle that mandates or constrains actions.
  • Procedures are a series of consecutive steps that specifies how a particular process should be completed. Procedures include information on the “who, what, when, and where” of the policy.

2. What are universitywide administrative policies?

Universitywide administrative policies align operations, set behavioral expectations across the university system and communicate policy roles and responsibilities (commonly known as Administrative Policy Statements or APS).

3. How do I find a policy?

University policies may be found at www.cu.edu/ope.  Quicklinks are provided on the home page to:

  1. Search Policies,
  2. Policies A-Z list,
  3. Functional area list (e.g., financial, human resources).

There is also a link to Other Policy Related Resources in the menu under "Policy" that has links to regent, campus, governance, service center or handbooks.

For assistance, contact the Office of Policy and Efficiency at 303-860-5711 or ope@cu.edu.

4. What is the Standard University Policy format?

The Standard University Policy format is a format developed by the Office of Policy and Efficiency that defines the various optional and mandatory parts of a policy. All administrative policies will be written using this format. You can view the template by clicking HERE.

5. How do I know if a policy was recently updated?

The Office of Policy and Efficiency website www.cu.edu/ope provides a list of:

  • Policies under review
  • Changes to policies, procedures and forms.
  • OPE news

For assistance, contact the Office of Policy and Efficiency at 303-860-5711 or ope@cu.edu.

7. Who do I contact with policy questions?

All policies are connected to a policy owner and a responsible office. We require contact information on all policies, however if it is missing or if you have general policy questions, contact the Office of Policy and Efficiency at:

8. If I think a policy is out-of-date or obsolete, who should I contact?

Office of Policy and Efficiency

9. How will I know if a policy or procedure changes?

The Office of Policy and Efficiency website cu.edu/ope provides:

  • Policies under review.
  • Changes to policies, procedures and forms.
  • OPE news and updates.

For assistance, contact the Office of Policy and Efficiency at 303-860-5711 or email ope@cu.edu.

10. Do I follow the campus or system policies?

If applicable, follow both. Campus policies should adhere to system policies, but may add campus-specific requirements to the broader system policy. A hierarchy of policies is available by clicking on the "Policy Hierarchy" tab at the top of this page.