APS 4019 - Reimbursement for Work Done on Behalf of a University of Colorado Supporting Foundation

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Policy Profile

Policy Title: Reimbursement for Work Done on Behalf of a University of Colorado Supporting Foundation 
APS Number: 4019
Effective: July 1, 2009
Approved by: President Bruce D. Benson
Responsible University Officer: Vice President for Finance
Responsible Office: Office of University Controller
Policy Contact: The appropriate campus Controller, who will consult with the University Controller as appropriate, will respond to questions and provide guidance regarding interpretation of this policy.
Supersedes: November 1, 2005
Last Reviewed/Updated: July 1, 2009
Applies to: All campuses

Policy Snapshot

Brief Description:  Sets forth requirements for reimbursement of expenses incurred by university organizational units and university employees and/or their immediate family members, while conducting an activity on behalf of a University of Colorado Supporting Foundation or while conducting an activity for which the organizational unit and the supporting foundation have agreed to share the costs of the activity.

I.  Introduction

This policy prohibits employees and immediate family members of employees from receiving payments directly from any University of Colorado Supporting Foundation, while providing a mechanism for these individuals or organizational units to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of a supporting foundation or for expenses incurred when the University and a supporting foundation agree to share the costs of an activity.

II.  Policy Statement

University employees and immediate family members of employees are not permitted to receive payments directly from any supporting foundation. If an employee, her or his immediate family members, or an organizational unit are entitled to receive reimbursement from a supporting foundation, then such reimbursement must adhere to applicable university policies, procedures, rules and regulations, and will be processed through the University in accordance with the Finance Procedural Statement "Supporting Foundation Reimbursement."

The prohibition against receiving payments directly from any supporting foundation includes prohibiting a supporting foundation from paying for costs on behalf of an employee, immediate family member, or organizational unit. The only approved exception to this rule pertains to a group billing situation that meets all three of the criteria listed below:

  • The employee or immediate family member is part of a group conducting the supporting foundation's business and/or activities and
  • The exclusion of the employee or immediate family member from the group billing or payment arrangement would increase the actual costs (e.g., loss of group discount) or administrative costs to the supporting foundation, and
  • The existence of the group billing arrangement is identified in accordance with the Finance Procedural Statement "Supporting Foundation Reimbursement."

supporting foundation may not provide reimbursement for the purchase of alcoholic beverages to the University for an employee, immediate family member, or organizational unit unless (1) the alcohol has been purchased using funds from a Gift Fund SpeedType specifically designated for the purchase of alcohol and (2) the reimbursement for the alcohol purchase is made directly to this respective alcohol SpeedType.

Each fiscal year, the University Controller is required to verify that no payments from a supporting foundation have been made directly to a university employee or to his or her immediate family members.

This Administrative Policy Statement does not pertain to Fundraising Events.

III.  Procedures, Forms, Guidelines and Resources

A. Related Administrative Policy Statements (APS) and Other Policies

B. Resources

IV.  Definitions

Italicized terms used in this Administrative Policy Statement are defined in the Administrative Policy Statement Policy Glossary.

V.  History


  • Administrative Policy Statement Reimbursement for Work Done on Behalf of a University of Colorado Supporting Foundation dated November 1, 2005.

Applicable university policies, procedures, rules and regulations include, but are not limited to, those addressing procurement, travel, official functions, and sensitive and reportable transactions including items such as alcohol purchase for personal consumption and recognition activities.

See related Administrative Policy Statement "Direct Spending from a Foundation on behalf of the University".