P-20 Initiatives

Pre-Collegiate Development Programs

CU seeks to improve its enrollment of underserved and underrepresented student populations via K-12 outreach. Resources have been committed directly towards the promotion of college preparation and matriculation of targeted high school and middle school students in the state.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees the HA Arnold Scholarship, Pioneer Fund Scholarship Program, and the Wells Fargo Bank Pre-Collegiate Scholarship.

Guaranteed Admission

A program for Colorado Community College transfer students to be guaranteed admission to the following University of Colorado undergraduate schools: CU-Boulder College of Arts and Sciences; UCCS College of Letters, Arts and Sciences; and CU Denver College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These colleges offer the broadest array of academic programs on our campuses. They are home to many of the most popular majors, including political science, biology, English, economics, history and many more. 

Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS)

Minimum Academic Preparation Standards (MAPS) outline courses that students must successfully complete in high school in order to become a strong candidate for admission to the University of Colorado. MAPS credits satisfy the minimum academic standard and also prepare students for college-level courses. Students who have not completed all of the MAPS must still complete them before attaining a college degree. Each CU campus has undergraduate colleges and schools that require specific MAPS for admission.