Distinguished Service Award

The Faculty Council Distinguished Service Award recognizes the service of faculty to the University of Colorado. It is designed to recognize contributions through participation in faculty governance, particularly through activities in Faculty Council and its committee structures.

The winners of this award receive a freestanding plaque honoring their contributions to the University. All persons nominated for this award will be recognized in a letter sent from the Faculty Council chair to appropriate University administrators that acknowledges their specific contributions to faculty service during the current academic year. Criteria for decisions will include the significance of the activities undertaken by the nominee in addition to the quantity and quality of the contributions to various service activities.


All members of the Faculty Council and of Faculty Council or Faculty Senate standing and special committees are eligible and comprise the primary source of potential nominees for this award. From time to time, however, a faculty member who is not a member of system-level faculty governance but who has had significant impact system-wide can be considered for this award. Emphasis should be on system-wide contributions to faculty well-being.

In order to ensure that all possible recipients are considered each year, serving or outgoing Faculty Council chairs are ineligible for the award until the year following their service as Faculty Council chair.

Procedure and Timeline

A Faculty Council Distinguished Service Award is ordinarily conferred annually by the Faculty Council. Nominations may be made by Faculty Council members. The Faculty Council Executive Committee will determine the recipient of the award.

March 3: Nominations due
March 9: Executive Committee determines recipient
April 27: Award presented to recipient(s) at the Faculty Senate meeting

Previous Winners




R L Widmann, CU Boulder, English


Mark Malone, UCCS, Education


John C. Miller, UCCS,  Languages and Cultures


Richard F. Bakemeier, CU Anschutz School of School of Medicine


Pamela Walker Laird, CU Denver,  History Department


Rodney Muth, CU Denver, Education & Human Development

Judith Igoe, CU Denver,  School of Nursing


Nancy Ciccone, CU Denver,  English

Weldon Lodwick, CU Denver, Math


Roxanne Byrne, CU Denver,  Math



John McDowell, CU Anschutz Medical Campus, School of  Dental Medicine

Melinda Piket - May, CU Boulder, College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

Karen Jonscher, CU Anschutz Medical Campus, School of Medicine



Tom Napierkowski, UCCS,  College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Pam Laird, CU Denver, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Margaret Jobe, CU Boulder, Libraries

Mark Malone, UCCS, College of Education, Department of Teaching & Learning


Joanne Addison, CU Denver, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of English