The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Faculty Council shall:

1. Coordinate activities of the Faculty Council and its committees;

2. Ensure that Faculty Council is informed of the activities of the Faculty Council committees and the Faculty Senate committee;

3. Request reports as it deems necessary from the committees of the Faculty Council and the committee of the Faculty Senate;

4. Initiate and assign items of new business to the Faculty Council and to the Faculty Council committees and the Faculty Senate committee;

5. Receive proposals for items suggested for Faculty Council consideration;

6. Request the circulation to the Faculty Council or to the Faculty Senate of documents offered for consideration by the Faculty Council or Faculty Senate;

7. Serve as the Faculty Council's Committee on Elections;

8. Notify the relevant campus assemblies of the need to fill vacancies on the Faculty Council;

9. Appoint a Special Event chair to preside at a special event, as needed;

10. Review and recommend changes in these bylaws.

Executive Committee Members

Ravinder Singh, Chair CU Boulder, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB) 
Joanne Addison, Vice Chair CU Denver, English
Monique French, Secretary CU Colorado Springs, College of Business
Melinda Piket-May, Past Chair and Chair, Boulder Faculty Assembly CU Boulder, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering
Barbara Prinari, President, Colorado Springs Faculty Assembly  CU Colorado Springs, Mathematics
Joanne Addison,  Chair, Denver Faculty Assembly CU Denver, English
Jacqueline Jones, Chair, Anschutz Medical Campus Faculty Assembly CU Anschutz Medical Campus, College of Nursing