Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Issues (GLBTI) Committee

The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues (GLBT) Committee considers concerns of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender faculty, including:

1. Assessing the cultural climate of the university as it pertains to opportunities of GLBT faculty for academic advancement, productivity and appropriate compensation;

2. Making recommendations for creating an academic environment that fosters the academic success of GLBT faculty; 

3. Working to assure fairness in the recruitment and retention of GLBT faculty;

4. Developing support networks and recommending policy to address the needs of GLBT faculty

GLBTI Committee Members 2013-2014

Scarlet Bowen, Chair - CU Boulder, GLBTQ Resource Center

Bud Coleman - CU Boulder, Theater

David J. Bondelevitch - CU Denver, College of Arts & Media

Jessica Giles - CU Colorado Springs, Psychology

Joanne Addison - CU Denver, English

Thomas Spahr - CU System, Academic Affairs (Liaison)

Darren Chavez - CU System, Academic Affairs (Liaison)

Vanessa Delgado - CU Colorado Springs, GLBTQ Resource Center

Troyann Gentile - CU Denver, Psychology

Kimberly Holcomb - CU Colorado Springs, Women Studies

Alex Iiyasova - CU Colorado Springs, Writing & Rhetoric

Daisy Margherita McConnell - CU Colorado Springs, Gallery of Contemporary Art

Jessica Pocock - CU Colorado Springs, Gallery of Contemporary Art

Eric Poole - CU Denver, Public Affairs

Rosemary Evetts - CU Denver, Auraria Library

BryaN Wee - CU Denver, School of Education & Human Development

Gene Hayworth - CU Denver, Business

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