University Staff Payroll

University Staff (formerly Exempt Professionals)

University staff members are CU employees whose positions are exempt from the state personnel system. University staffers are paid monthly, on the last working day of the month, except for the June payroll, which is paid on the first working day of July.

CU has multiple options for documenting hours worked and exception time. You must verify with your department how it records hours/time and follow that procedure.

Both the employee and his/her supervisor must sign the leave record verifying the accuracy of leave usage and balances.

Each campus and department has its own specific deadlines for updating individual payroll records, and for collecting timesheets and leave records from employees. Please refer to your department's business partner(s) for more information.

Monthly Pay Cycle

2014 Monthly Pay Cycles

Employee Services Forms Deadline:
W-4 & Direct Deposit

Begin DateEnd DatePay DateDateTime
01/01/201401/31/201401/31/201401/14/20145 p.m.
02/01/201402/28/201402/28/2014​02/10/20145 p.m.
03/01/201403/31/201403/31/201403/10/20145 p.m.
04/01/201404/30/201404/30/201404/14/20145 p.m.
05/01/201405/31/201405/30/201405/13/20145 p.m.
06/01/201406/30/201407/01/201406/11/20145 p.m.
07/01/201407/31/201407/31/201407/14/20145 p.m.
08/01/201408/31/201408/29/201408/08/20145 p.m.
09/01/201409/30/201409/30/201409/08/20145 p.m.
10/01/201410/31/201410/31/201410/08/20145 p.m.
11/01/201411/30/201411/28/201411/10/20145 p.m.
12/01/201412/31/201412/31/201412/08/20145 p.m.

Biweekly Pay Cycle

2014 Biweekly Pay Cycles

Employee Services Forms Deadline:
W-4 & Direct Deposit

Begin DateEnd DatePay DateDateTime
12/22/201401/04/201401/17/201401/06/20145 p.m.
01/05/201401/18/201401/31/2014​01/14/20145 p.m.
01/19/201402/01/201402/14/201402/03/20145 p.m.
02/02/201402/15/201402/28/201402/12/20145 p.m.
02/16/201403/01/201403/14/201403/03/20145 p.m.
03/02/201403/15/201403/28/201403/12/20145 p.m.
03/16/201403/29/201404/11/201403/31/20145 p.m.
03/30/201404/12/201404/25/201404/14/20145 p.m.
04/13/201404/26/201405/09/201404/28/20145 p.m.
04/27/201405/10/201405/23/201405/12/20145 p.m.
05/11/201405/24/201406/06/201405/23/20145 p.m.
05/25/201406/07/201406/20/201406/09/20145 p.m.
06/08/201406/21/201407/03/201406/23/20145 p.m.
06/22/201407/05/201407/18/201407/07/20145 p.m.
07/06/201407/19/201408/01/201407/21/20145 p.m.
07/20/201408/02/201408/15/201408/04/20145 p.m.
08/03/201408/16/201408/29/201408/11/20145 p.m.
08/17/201408/30/201409/12/201408/26/20145 p.m.
08/31/201409/13/201409/26/201409/08/20145 p.m.
09/14/201409/27/201410/10/201409/26/20145 p.m.
09/28/201410/11/201410/24/201410/08/20145 p.m.
10/12/201410/25/201411/07/201410/27/20145 p.m.
10/26/201411/08/201411/21/201411/10/20145 p.m.
11/09/201411/22/201412/05/201411/19/20145 p.m.
11/23/201412/06/201412/19/201412/08/20145 p.m.
12/07/201412/20/201401/02/201512/15/20145 p.m.

Determination of tax status and completion of tax forms

International employees must comply with the U.S. Tax Code. To ensure compliance, you must make an appointment with the appropriate campus international tax specialist to complete the proper tax forms and establish correct tax status. Please make your appointment as close to your employment start date as possible.  At times, it may be two to four weeks before an international tax specialist can meet with you due to busy academic and tax year schedules.  There is generally no negative ramification to a delay in meeting with our office.

If you’ve reached your 31st day of employment with the university and have applied for but not yet been issued a Social Security number, please have your department payroll representative contact the International Tax Office.

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