Special off-cycle pay refinements continue

Since launching CU's special off-cycle pay process in January, Employee Services' payroll team has been using your feedback to determine the best way to improve time collection procedures. This change hasn't been easy, and we truly appreciate your patience as we incorporate your input.

In the coming weeks, we'll address some of your concerns by creating an off-cycle pay process that will accommodate employees paid both monthly and biweekly. Stay tuned for details.

What can I do during special off-cycle pay versus a monthly pay cycle?

Biweekly paycannot be used for employees paid on a biweekly basis
My.Leave datacannot incorporate time tracked in the My.Leave system (That will be incorporated into the employee's next regular paycheck.)
Taxable earningscannot include taxable earnings codes unless you're also processing regular wages from which you can subtract taxes
One-time paymentsmay be issued for one-time payments that were not included in the regular monthly pay cycle
Dock paycannot enter dock earnings if it will generate a negative gross amount
Vacation and sick time balancescan be made during this run
Gray dayscannot update time collection

Why special off-cycle pay?

Paying your employees should be an easy and consistent process that ensures your team is paid on time. For those rare occasions when you miss the deadline for entering time, the special off-cycle pay process:

  • allows you to enter time for monthly employees starting one day after regular, monthly time collection closes—all without delaying when those employees receive their pay.
  • creates a more efficient, electronic means of correcting missed pay deadlines by largely replacing the manual and often tedious hand-drawn warrant request process.
  • places more power in your hands by allowing tou to enter time, rather than relying upon the Employee Services payroll team to complete hand-drawn requests at staff members' availability.

Special off-cycle payroll opens the day after regular monthly time collection ends. It closes at noon on the last Tuesday of the month, or on rare occasions, on the first Tuesday of the month. See the detailed payroll calendar for your campus for details.

Need more information? Find answers to frequently asked questions, and see a visual mockup of this process in the Special Off-Cycle Pay Processing Guide