Salary increases available July 2 in HRMS

Payroll staff will upload most employee merit increases into the HRMS on Tuesday, July 1, and will work toward uploading increases for 9-month faculty members by Friday, Aug. 1. Payroll will enter this information into separate rows within the system:

Row 1: 12-month faculty and university staff members

Row Date Action Reason
July 1, 2014 PAY MER (merit)

Rows 2 - 5: Classified staff members

Row Date Action Reason
July 1, 2014 PAY COL (cost-of-living adjustment)
July 1, 2014
MER (merit)
July 1, 2014 PAY MIN (minimum)

The compensation page will contain an additional payment for employees who will receive a non-base-building increase. Those codes begin with “NBB” (non-base-building) and reflect if the increase is a cost-of-living adjustment or merit payment.

Payroll staff will load all non-base building awards into employees’ pay at the end of July, with the earnings code “PPN” (non-base-building cost of living adjustment) or PPO (non-base-building merit). Payroll will replace all NBB codes from the compensation page in “Job Data” with a new row dated August 1, 2014.

9-month faculty salary uploads

Please begin entering salary increases for 9-month faculty into “Salary Planning” today so the payroll staff can complete these updates by Friday, Aug. 1. That information will be contained in a single row, dated “September 1, 2014,” with an action of “PAY” and a reason of “MER” (merit). We will insert an additional row into “Contract Pay” for the new academic year.

Please note: Salary uploads include only those employees whose salary information is entered in the “Salary Planning” page (with the exception of ineligible classified staff members).

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