Running Time Entry Audit Report

The Time Entry Audit Report provides information about entries in Time Collection batches. The entries in the batches either override approved compensation rates or reflect rates beyond those in Job Data.

The report also includes entries that have been entered and approved by the same user. The Time Entry Audit Report does not include entries for vacation or sick leave usage, because those adjustments do not change approved compensation rates.

Only certain earnings codes are included in this report. See a table of these earnings codes at end of this guide.

This report is primarily a compensating control mechanism for users who have incompatible access to the Human resources Management System (HRMS). The report provides a tool for designated reviewers to audit transactions in Time Collection that have been entered and approved by the same user.

Normally, the designated reviewer runs these reports on a monthly basis. The reports provide a tool for supervisors and managers to audit quality control of transactions that have been entered and/or approved by any user, regardless of whether or not that user has incompatible access to the HRMS.

Always enter the appropriate parameter(s) for the report. Selecting the correct parameter or combination of parameters is essential for obtaining desired information for the review. There are a variety of parameters available, and an explanation for the use of each is provided at the end of this guide.

See a complete list of reports and reviews available in PeopleSoft 8.9.

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