Running Admin Training Report

Use the Admin Training Report to find a list of all employees who have taken a specific course, and the date they took the training.

Users running this report are restricted to the departments or nodes within their row-level security. If you try to run the report using parameters outside your security profile, the report will not produce any data. Setting up the run control parameters can provide a dynamic reporting tool that allows for easy tracking and analyzing of employee training records. 

Report Parameters

  • one or more departments
  • your entire campus or node on the HR Tree
  • a particular job code
  • a specific employee group(s)
  • all employees in your department, in alphabetical order
  • multiple courses, all in the same report

See a complete list of reports and reviews available in PeopleSoft 8.9.

Note: The screen shots used in this guide may not be representative of your access.