Leave Accrual in The Human Resources Management System

Leave accrual is automatically processed by the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) during monthly payroll processing if the employee is in a monthly/regular position in one of the following personnel groups:

  • Classified staff – Job code series - Axxxxx - Jxxxxx
  • Regular faculty – Job code series 11xx - IF the employee is on a monthly compensation frequency AND the Twelve-Month Faculty checkbox is checked
  • Clinical faculty – Job code series - 12xx
  • Research faculty – Job code series - 13xx
  • University staff (formerly officers and exempt professionals) – Job code series - 21xx
  • Benefits eligibility matrix - This provides specific information for each personnel group.

Leave accrual is based on standard hours in Workforce Administration – Job Data—not percent of time or FTE.

The calculation used: the total standard hours in a month, divided by total work hours in month = accrual hours

For someone less than full time, accrual will be based on standard hours + XRG (additional regular hours). For example, a classified staff member is 50 [percent time with standard hours = 20. She works an additional 40 hours in the month. Her accrual will be based on the total standard hours at 50 percent (20 hours) + the XRG of 40 hours. Accrual will be in the month the additional hours were submitted, not when they were earned. If additional hours were worked in September and submitted for payment in October, accrual will be for October.

Employees with multiple jobs: The HRMS maintains two "leave plans" that determine the rate of leave accrual for the employee. One plan is for classified staff, the second is for all other eligible job codes. If an employee has two jobs in the same leave plan—for example, two classified staff or two professional research assistant positions—the system will accrue the leave automatically based on the hours worked in each job (see above for more information on calculation). If the employee is in jobs that fall under different leave plans, the HRMS currently cannot accrue leave at the appropriate rate for each job. An example is an employee who has a professional exempt position and a classified staff position. You must adjust that employee's leave accrual via Time Collection.

A DOCK (DK1 or DK2) will reduce a leave accrual for a particular month.

If a CU retiree returns to work in a monthly/regular leave-eligible job, then he/she will accrue leave and be eligible for a vacation payoff upon termination. He/she starts with a zero (0) sick-and-vacation-leave balance. The employee is not entitled to have the 75 percent of sick leave that he/she did not receive when retirement is reinstated. (Twenty-five percent of sick balance up to the allowable maximum should have been paid at retirement.) The retiree is also not eligible for a second payoff of the sick leave balance at termination.

If an employee who works goes on leave without pay in mid-month, the system will accrue leave for the portion of the month worked.

Common Issues

  • An employee in a leave-eligible job code must have an employee status of "regular" to be enrolled in a leave plan. This is the first thing to check if someone is not accruing leave. A "temporary" status will prevent enrollment in a leave plan.
  • The employee is not in a leave-eligible job code—See the list above, but the most common job code error is for employees in the "Other Faculty" job code series 14xx. Employees in this job code series are not eligible for leave.
  • Changes to leave balances are made using vacation leave adjustment (VAA) and sick leave adjustment (SCA) earnings codes in Time Collection. You must use a negative number if you wish leave to be deducted from the balance.


  • If you think your employee is set up correctly and meets all the above conditions but is not accruing leave, please contact Employee Services for help in determining the problem at 303-860-4200, or email employeeservices@cu.edu.
  • Leave Accrual report—This report is in the "Reports and Reviews – Job Information" menu. The data on the report reflects the current leave accrual balances and hours processed during the current month for employees. There is no history information on this report.
  • Leave Accrual Summary review—This review is in the "Reports and Reviews – Job Information" menu. This page provides a history of the employee's leave accrual balances and hours processed on a month-by-month basis, beginning with the current month.

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