Departmental Information on Benefit Premiums

As a University of Colorado employee, you may be eligible for benefits. Benefits eligibility depends on such factors as regular or temporary employment status, job code, percent of time worked, or being paid biweekly or monthly.

The university is responsible for a portion of the following benefits if an employee meets eligibility criteria:

  • medical benefits
  • dental benefits
  • basic life insurance
  • disability insurance
  • retirement plans

If an employee is terminated or otherwise loses eligibility, he/she and his/her department must pay these premiums. (See Employee Benefit Charges: What stops them?.)

Benefit Eligibility Matrices

The benefit eligibility matrices are organized by job code for each employee group (faculty, university staff (formely exempt professional), classified, etc.).

Employee Class (Empl Class) Field in HRMS

The Empl Class field, on the Job Information page in "Job Data" (Workforce Administration module) lists the benefits for which each employee is eligible, based on job code. This numerical- or alpha-character listing is an abbreviation of the eligible benefits.

All classified staff are eligible for benefits as long as they are on regular status and are paid monthly.

Contact an Employee Services benefits counselor at 303-860-4200, option 3, to discuss employer-paid contributions.

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