Address Change (Employee)

Changing an Employee's Address

When an employee has a change of address (or phone or email), it is his/her responsibility to provide this information to the departmental payroll/personnel liaison. Employees must complete the Address/Phone/Email Change for Active Employees Form and submit it to their department liaison.

The liaison in each department must enter these changes into the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), and may retain the form for personnel records.

Note: Address changes entered in HRMS will update the employee's address with health, dental and life insurance providers. However, the employee must contact PERA and the university's flexible spending account administrators with address changes.

See our step-by-step guide to entering address updates in HRMS.

How to Complete Your Address Change Form

Note: It is not appropriate to use a campus box number for any of these address fields, except for exceptional circumstances approved by Employee Services.

  • Home Address
    This is the employee's primary or permanent address. It must contain a street address. (A P.O. Box number cannot be used.) For non-resident international employees, this address must be located in their originating country, not a local U.S. address (see the International Student Employees section below).
  • Mail Address (for check, advice, W-2 distribution)
    This address is used if the employee wishes to use an alternate address other than his/her primary home address to receive payroll warrants, advices and form W-2. A campus address cannot be used.

    International (non-resident) employees must record their address as follows:
    Record foreign address, including country code.
    Record the local U.S. street address. (No P.O. Box number is permitted.)|
  • Student Address In HRMS versus SIS
    Student employee address changes entered in HRMS will not automatically update addresses in the Student Information System (SIS). Likewise, address changes entered in SIS will not automatically update addresses in HRMS. Students must update their address in both systems.
  • Retiree Address
    Employee Services will update address changes for retirees in the HRMS when the retiree sends the Address/Phone/Email Change for Retirees & Former Employees Form to his/her former department, which must then forward the form to Employee Services for entry. Employee Services also will update a retiree's address when the retiree includes a note or written request with his/her monthly insurance premium billing statement/payment.
  • Terminated/Resigned Employee
    Because the department can no longer access these employees in HRMS, Employee Services will update the addresses for former employees when an Address/Phone/Email Change for Retirees & Former Employees Form is submitted to Employee Services from the former employee(s).

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