Action Reason Code Table (General)

When maintaining Administer Workforce Business Process information, you'll enter changes to employee data following such activities as promotions, transfers, terminations, salary increases and leaves of absence.

Each of these activities is called a personnel action, and you use them to enter and update employee data in the Job Data Work Location panel. You'll often have different reasons for performing the same type of personnel action for employees.

For example, you could enter the action "Leave of Absence" for three different employees, each for different reasons: Family Medical Leave Act purposes; military service obligations; and a sabbatical. To easily identify the causes of changes made to employee data, you can designate reasons for taking personnel actions. To do so, you'll use the Action Reason Table.

At CU, reasons are required for all actions you enter in an employee's job record. Because CU will be driving PeopleSoft Human Resources by position, you also should enter reasons for changes to position data, which you do in the Position Data 1 panel.

For example, you might enter a personnel action of "Position Change" because of a change in position title, FTE or a job reclassification. You also must change related data assigned to positions when you transfer them to other departments by using the appropriate Position Change reason.

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