Payroll Adjustments

Hand-Drawn Payroll Warrants

Occasionally, CU may need to pay you outside the normal payroll cycle. To do this, it must issue a hand-drawn payroll warrant. Circumstances that justify the issuance of hand-drawn payroll warrants include administrative errors and timing problems related to an employee's initial date of hire. See the Handdrawn Warrants Policy for more information.

Additional Payments

CU manages additional payment authorizations through an off-line paper process and an electronic process associated with the Human Resources Management System (HRMS). We do this because additional payments require written approvals.

An additional payment form must always be submitted when paying an employee any additional pay. The Additional Payment Form includes the required approval signature lines and lists the earnings codes eligible for this type of payment. Do not use this method to pay for earnings codes that are not included in this form, such as those for exception pay (overtime or additional straight time). Visit the Additional Pay page for more information.


Through error, an employee may be paid more than is due. When the error is detected, CU will collect funds according to Employee Services' Overpayment Policy. If you discover an overpayment, please notify your department's payroll liaison as soon as possible. You may also contact your payroll liaison for assistance or information related to an overpay adjustment.