August 15, 2014

View your retirement contributions in the portal

There’s now a quick way to view your CU or PERA retirement savings balances in the portal via the new Retirement Contributions tab, within the Payroll and Compensation menu.

This new feature allows you to view your retirement plans’ month-to-date and year-to-date balances. For each, the page details the employee and employer contribution, which was previously noted on your pay advice. When the page first opens, you are defaulted to the most recent pay end date. If you would like to see previous pay periods, you can click the search icon.

The images below show sample Retirement Contributions pages for two employees.

  • The employee in the first example is enrolled in PERA retirement plans, as well as a 403(b) Savings Plan.
  • The employee in the second example is enrolled in the CU 401(a) ORP plan through TIAA-CREF. If you are enrolled in a plan with Fidelity, Vanguard or another provider, you will see their plan name on your Retirement Contributions page.

View your retirement contributions by logging in to the portal >>