March 18, 2014

New Employee Services website debuts

These days, it feels like we’re bombarded with information. Wouldn’t it be nice to get just information you need and cut out the rest?

With this thought in mind, the newly redesigned Employee Services website debuted in February. The new audience-based navigation presents only the information you care about.

How does this work? It all centers around the “I am a …” menu. Select your employee type or your business role, and you’ll find information about your benefits, payroll, leave, taxes and other topics tailored for you.

New employee types

To ensure the information we’re presenting applies only to you, we renamed some employee groups. You may be used to being called “Faculty, Officers and Exempt Professionals.” Now, Faculty has its own special section. And “Officers and Exempt Professionals” are called University Staff.

Let’s say you’re University Staff member. Select “University Staff” from the “I am a … menu.” When you click on “benefits,” you’ll only see plans that apply to you. It’s the same with the other menu items, too.

New department pages

Elsewhere on the site, the Employee Learning and Development and the Human Resources sections present information for all CU employees. The Technologies area presents necessary information to complete many university administrative tasks.

News and events

On the front page, keep up with news or find campus events that will help you take full advantage of your benefits.

Improved Search

With any major re-launch, items you’ve bookmarked may no longer work or you may not be able to immediately find items where you are used to finding them. The new site’s superior search functionality can help, especially when you filter results by department.

Give us your feedback

This web launch is just the first step in providing employees with the exact information they need. We’ll be refining, improving and expanding website content in the coming months. We’d like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts, questions and concerns by using the Site Feedback form.