July 10, 2014

It Takes Two: Last chance to update phone numbers



Very soon, you’ll need your password and a phone number to update sensitive personal information in the portal. Please take two minutes to update your phone numbers in the portal.

Update your information now

  1. Log in to your campus portal at my.cu.edu.
  2. When you enter the CU Resources area, a pop-up alert window will ask you to verify your phone information.
  3. Is your information correct? If so, check the box next to the statement, “This information has been validated and is up to date.”
  4. Is your information incorrect? Click the “Update My Information” link and enter the correct phone numbers.
  5. Didn't see a pop-up window? Make sure you’re in the CU Resources area. Select “Employee Profile” from the “Personal Information” menu and verify your phone number(s), and/or update phone numbers, as necessary. Home, cellular, campus 1 and campus 2 phone types will be available for use with the new security tool.

Once you’ve updated your information, you’re all set.

Find out more about the new authentication tools at www.cu.edu/es/it-takes-two