April 22, 2014

ASIFlex cards offer a convenient way to pay for eligible health care expenses

When you open or re-enroll in an ASIFlex health care flexible spending account this Open Enrollment, you’ll receive an ASIFlex Card in the mail to pay for your out-of-pocket health care expenses.

The ASIFlex Card differs from traditional payment cards in two ways: You can use it only to purchase eligible health care expenses and, in most cases, you must save and send your receipts to ASIFlex to substantiate your purchases and keep your card activated.

Here’s how ASIFlex cards work:

  1. When you receive your card, call the number in your information packet to register it and select a personal identification number. Note: ASI will issue your spouse a separate card for the same account so he/she can participate. To cancel a card, send a written request to ASI.
  2. You and/or your spouse deposit a set amount of money into your ASIFlex health savings account.
  3. When you purchase eligible health care-related expenses, use your ASIFlex Card to pay for the items. You may select either “credit” or “debit” (use your PIN for the latter) when prompted.
  4. Keep itemized receipts of your ASIFlex Card purchases for future documentation to ASIFlex. (General credit card receipts will not be accepted.) In some cases, your documentation must also include an explanation of the services provided. The following purchases do not require documentation:
    • a flat-dollar copay< that’s equal to the one you pay for your CU Health Plan (spouses on other plans must submit documentation)
    • a recurring, standard expense for visits to one provider (You must submit documentation for only the first visit, with a note stating that the expense will be recurring.)
    • eligible health care items regularly available at such retailers as FSA Store, Target, Walgreens and Walmart (e.g., Band-Aids, braces, contact lens solution, sunscreen, etc.)
  5. If you receive a letter or email request to submit documentation, send all itemized receipts, explanation of services and the original request to ASIFlex via mail or fax.

For more information, see ASI’s tips on how to use the ASIFlex Card.