January 17, 2014

43 CU employees win Fitbit Zips

Last fall, Be Colorado—the wellness component of your CU Health Plan—held 20 health screening events from September through early November, with 2,288 employee participants, a 24 percent increase in participation from 2012.

Fitbit Zip

By participating in the health screening, employees enrolled in a CU Health Plan, as well as their spouse or partner, had the opportunity to measure their cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference. Free flu shots and optional blood tests also were available.

Participants were entered into a drawing to win one of 50 Fitbit Zip activity trackers, which are compatible with the Be Colorado Move. program. There were 43 winners from CU, five from UCHealth, and two from University Physicians, Inc.

Interested in learning more about the Move. program? See our step-by-step enrollment instructions and short instructional video on using the Be Colorado Move. app to track your physical activity.