LDP Program

The 2014 program agenda (January through June) is provided in the expandable toggles below. Agendas for each date and any assignments will be posted at least one week in advance to the session. Presentations and other presenter related material will be posted after the conclusion of each session. 

Driving and Parking Directions - all sessions are held at System Administration, 1800 Grant Street, Denver.

January 16 - Understanding the Business of Higher Education - 8:00 to Noon - Rooms 501-503


Article: "How Managers Become Leaders," Michael D. Watkins. Harvard Business Review, June 2012.


February 20 - Everything DiSC - 8:00 to Noon - 1st Floor CR

Brett Rogers, Organizational and Employee Development Director, HR, CU-Boulder


March 20 - Leadership from the Inside Out - 8:00 to Noon - 1st Floor CR

Barbara Lawton, Ph.D., Interim Faculty Director and Professor of Engineering Practice, CU-Boulder



  • Goleman, Daniel and Richard Boyatzis, "Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership," Harvard Business Review. Sept. 2008.

April 17 - Appreciative Inquiry: Asking Positive Questions to Get Positive Results - 8:00 to Noon - 1st Floor CR

Corinne Harmon, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, College of Education, UCCS


May 22 - Understanding Adaptive Leadership - 8:00 to Noon - Rooms 501-503

Allan Wallis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs, CU Denver


June 19 - Collaborative Leadership Case Study - 8:00 to Noon - 1st Floor CR

Paul Myers, Ph.D., Director of Research and Consulting Services


  • Assignment
  • Case Study - Diego Curtiz at Highland University
  • Article - Tumin, Zachary and William Bratton, "Four Traits of Collaborative Leaders"
  • Article - Dale Carnegie & Associates, "Team Conflict Resolution Strategies"

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