June 2014 Pay Roles

We're closing in on the end of the fiscal year. Are you and your employees prepared for the changeover?

Use this month's issue of Pay Roles to cross check your to-do list, and to read about the latest project updates and how they impact you.

Get ready for July

Project updates

  • While Employee Services works to create a slick new HR system, you'll notice very few changes, if any, to its current Human Resources Management System. Learn why.
  • Did you know employees can make W-4 selections and changes right in the portal instead of downloading a paper form? Learn how.
  • Good news: We've developing a new process for ensuring personal employee information in the portal—such as direct deposit details—is secure. Employees can do their part by logging in to the portal and ensuring their contact phones are correct. Learn how this phone-based security measure will work.
  • Want to find out about the latest projects at CU that affect employees? There's a new place on our website for that.
  • Find the latest business partner meeting updates online.

Help spread the word

  • Members of the Public Employees' Retirement Association are in luck: PERA representatives are coming to each CU campus in June to better educate their CU members about their pension plan. Learn more and educate your affected employees with our downloadable fliers.
  • PERA also has another cool offering: You may now request that a PERA representative come to your office to present one of its five workshops, or simply visit to answer general questions. Learn more about this service.
  • We've discovered a billing issue that may confuse employees who are members of Be Colorado's Weight Watchers at Work program. Read about what's at play with this billing issue.
  • Summer is when many CU student workers will first be affected by the Student Employee Retirement Plan. Get help educating your employees about the SERP with our downloadable flier and online video tutorial.

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