CU System Administration HR

Why work at University of Colorado System Administration?

Located in the Uptown neighborhood of Denver, CU's System Administration offices include the Office of the President as well as numerous departments that provide services to the university’s four campuses. In many ways, these departments provide strategic direction for CU as a whole.

These include:

  • Administration
  • Academic Affairs
  • Budget Office
  • Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities
  • CU Health and Welfare Trust
  • Employee Services
  • Institutional Research
  • Internal Audit
  • Office of Policy and Efficiency
  • Procurement Service Center (PSC)
  • State and Federal Relations
  • Technology Transfer
  • Treasurer
  • University Controller
  • University Counsel
  • University Information Systems (UIS)
  • University Relations
  • University Risk Management

What types of employees work at the System offices?

Classified Employees

The university is a part of the State of Colorado personnel system. Positions classified within the state personnel system are called classified positions. As such these positions are subject to state personnel rules governing the hiring process. In order to be considered for a classified position, candidates must be a resident of the State of Colorado at the time of application. The selection process may include a series or combination of assessments or interviews.

University Staff (formerly Exempt Professionals)

University staff positions are exempt from the state of Colorado personnel system and as such are not subject to the residency requirement. The selection processes may include a series of assessments or interviews. University staff positions provide leadership, management, program development/implementation and a variety of support services for the university as a whole.

What are the system offices like?

The CU System offices at 1800 Grant St. provide modern workspaces, secure, in-building, heated parking available at below-market prices, and easy access to all the restaurants, shopping and amenities downtown Denver has to offer. This Google map presents just a few conveniences in the area surrounding the building.

Things to do nearby

System offices employees love to explore downtown Denver. The best way to do this is by walking, which nicely complements the university's commitment to health and wellness. Here are some great attractions within walking distance:

Brown Palace Hotel - Round trip: 15-minute walk

Cheesman Park - Round trip: 60-minute walk

D Bar (Dessert Bar, as featured on Travel Channel & Food Network) - Round trip: 35-minute walk

Denver City Park - Round trip: 60-minute walk

Denver’s Firefighter Museum - Round trip: 25-minute walk

Grant Humphrey Mansion - Round trip: 55-minute walk

Black American West Museum - Round trip: 45-minute walk

Molly Brown House Museum - Round trip: 30-minute walk

Old Spaghetti Factory - Round trip: 30-minute walk

Ritz-Carlton - Round trip: 30-minute walk

State Capitol - Round trip: 20-minute walk

Coors Field - Round Trip: 40-minute walk