HRMS New User Training

Getting Started in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

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Work with your supervisor and, if needed, your campus security coordinator, to define required training using the Security Access Form.Required training
Security Access Form
Campus security coordinators
Enroll, and complete the required online new user training courses and assessments.New user training info
Following the required online training, send completed HRMS Security Access Form to your campus security coordinator.Campus security coordinators
Receive an email from University Information Systems with your user ID and instructions to obtain your password. 

The course descriptions and current course schedule will help you plan for your distinct training needs. Review this page with your supervisor to determine what training you need. You may also contact your campus security coordinator.

Use the many training materials and resources on this website to help you expand your knowledge of the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and answer questions.

What training do you need?

*New user training is required for employees to obtain access to HRMS.

Inquiry Enterprise Learning Training Reporting Users
*no training required for this HRMS role

Inquire and Reporting Users
*Fiscal Code of Ethics Training
*HRMS Fundamentals
*HRMS Inquire and Reporting

Time collection-only users
*Fiscal Code of Ethics Training
*HRMS Fundamentals
*HRMS Inquire and Reporting
*HRMS Time Collection

Payroll Expense Transfer entry-only users
*Fiscal Code of Ethics Training
*HRMS Fundamentals
*HRMS Inquire and Reporting

Fullaccess Users (Payroll Personnel Liaisons and Approvers)
*Fiscal Code of Ethics Training
*HRMS Fundamentals
*HRMS Inquire and Reporting
*HRMS Time Collection
*Manage Positions
*Manage People and Jobs
*Payroll Processing

To gain access to the HRMS, you must pass all of the online training courses specified for the type of access requested (see above). To pass each course, the assessments must be completed with a score of 70 percent or better.

The online courses are intended to be taken in the order listed below. Please allow an hour to complete each course.

  • Fiscal Code of Ethics *
  • HRMS Fundamentals *
  • HRMS Inquire and Reporting *
  • HRMS Time Collection *
  • Managing Positions in HRMS
  • Managing People and Jobs in HRMS
  • HRMS - Payroll Processing

Users who are responsible for entering and/or approving payroll data in the HRMS must successfully complete the courses marked with * before proceeding to the remaining courses. (Note: Time collection-only approvers need only complete the courses marked with *.)

Access & Security - Request Access to HRMS
All users of the HRMS must submit the HRMS System Security Access Form to their campus security access coordinator. Once your security form has been submitted to University Information Systems, by the security access coordinator, and your completed training has been verified, we will grant HRMS access.