FAQ | Payroll FAQ

I have trainees who are coming for the summer and I need to set up a POI for them that will give them access to all their required training.

The POI type "Security Access (00015)" requires a Social Security number, which is not required for all others. However, campus offices such as IT may require Social Security numbers for other POI types.

Additional information on setting up a POI can be found in our Step-by-Step Guide.

How do I create a POI?

You can find assistance with creating and adding relationship for POIs in our Step-by-Step guides.

Where can I find the Step by Step Guides?

Use the Employees Services Step-By-Step guides to help with the Human Resources Management System and My.Leave.

What earnings code should I use for this employee?

Please see our Earnings Codes page for information on how to use the correct codes.