FAQ | Payroll FAQ

What is the deadline for pull, Time Collection, etc.?

Use the payroll calendar to find all payroll deadlines.  

Although multiple months are published at once, some dates may change. Always regularly check for updated information. You will also find important dates and events listed on the Employee Services homepage.  

Where can I find a listing of all the job codes?

Job Codes can be found by running the following query:


Please see the HRMS Query Training Guide for more information on how to run queries in the Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

What is the required training for new users for HRMS access?

To gain access to the Human Resources Management System, you must complete training, based on what kind of tasks your role requires you to complete.

I have trainees who are coming for the summer and I need to set up a POI for them that will give them access to all their required training.

The POI type "Security Access (00015)" requires a Social Security number, which is not required for all others. However, campus offices such as IT may require Social Security numbers for other POI types.

Additional information on setting up a POI can be found in our Step-by-Step Guide.

How do I create a POI?

You can find assistance with creating and adding relationship for POIs in our Step-by-Step guides.

Where can I find the Step by Step Guides?

Use the Employees Services Step-By-Step guides to help with the Human Resources Management System and My.Leave.

What earnings code should I use for this employee?

Please see our Earnings Codes page for information on how to use the correct codes.