Faculty Payroll

Academic-year appointments are generally made on a contract basis for the academic year (September through May). Employees with an academic-year appointment are paid on the last working day of each month. (Exception: If the 12-month option is selected, June salary will be paid on the first working day of July, per state of Colorado fiscal rule).

You may select a nine-month or 12-month payment option. Contact your department liaison or human resources office if you have any questions about contract payment options or the appropriate form to make this election. If you do not indicate a preference, the default is payment over nine months.

IMPORTANT—Timing restriction for your election:

A faculty member’s election to be paid salary over nine months or 12 months must be made before the start of the academic year to which it applies. The election is irrevocable for that academic year once the academic year has begun. It will remain in effect for the entire academic year, and may only be changed at the beginning of each new academic year.

To be in compliance with IRS regulations regarding deferred compensation, the university cannot allow any changes between 9/9 and 9/12 contract types once the contract period has begun.

Paid over 9 months (9/9 schedule)
Your monthly pay equals your contracted academic-year salary, divided by nine. You are paid one-ninth of your contract each month from September through May, and your contract will be paid in full at the end of May. You will receive no pay from this contract during June, July and August.

Paid over 12 months (9/12 schedule selected before September)
If you select the 12-month pay option starting in September, you will receive 12 equal payments totaling your contracted academic-year salary (paid September through August).

Hired during the academic year
Employees hired during the academic year may select either the 9/9 or the 9/12 pay options. Failure to make a selection will result in default to 9/9 (contract payments split equally over the remaining months of the September-through-May academic year).

If you select the 9/12-month pay option, your contracted salary will be divided equally over the remaining months (contract payments made over the remaining months of the September-through-August pay period). Total payments will equal your total contracted amount for the partial academic year.

You may not change your election until the next academic year.

Tax Considerations
Payments made to employees who have a 9/12-academic-year salary, and an additional summer pay amount, may be taxed at a higher rate because the two values are combined for tax purposes.

Contract Amount Adjustments
Contracts for academic-year faculty are generally updated in August. If you have questions about new academic-year compensation, contact your department, which manages the pay amount. Any mid-year changes to contract compensation will impact remaining payments. Any change made to the full contract amount during the contract period will change future payments so the total contract amount is paid correctly.

Academic-year contracts (9/9 or 9/12 pay options) do not accrue vacation leave. However, they may be eligible for sick leave under certain circumstances. See the Faculty Handbook for guidelines, and contact your department if you have any questions.

Use this page to find monthly and biweekly paydays.

Note: Each campus and department has its own specific deadlines for updating individual payroll records, and for collecting timesheets and leave records from employees. Please refer to your department's business partner(s) for more information.

Monthly Paydays

2015 Monthly Paydays

Pay Period End Date Pay Date
01/31/2015 01/30/2015
02/28/2015 02/27/2015​
03/31/2015 03/31/2015
04/30/2015 04/30/2015
05/31/2015 05/29/2015
06/30/2015 07/01/2015
07/31/2015 07/31/2015
08/31/2015 08/31/2015
09/30/2015 09/30/2015
10/31/2015 10/30/2015
11/30/2015 11/30/2015
12/31/2015 12/31/2015

Biweekly Paydays

2015 Biweekly Paydays

Pay Period End Date Pay Date
01/31/2015 02/13/2015
02/14/2015 02/27/2015​
02/28/2015 03/13/2015
03/14/2015 03/27/2015
03/28/2015 04/10/2015
04/11/2015 04/24/2015
04/25/2015 05/08/2015
05/09/2015 05/22/2015
05/23/2015 06/05/2015
06/06/2015 05/22/2015
05/23/2015 06/05/2015
06/06/2015 06/19/2015
06/20/2015 07/02/2015
07/04/2015 07/17/2015
07/18/2015 07/31/2015
08/01/2015 08/14/2015
08/15/2015 08/28/2015
08/29/2015 09/11/2015
09/12/2015 09/25/2015
09/26/2015 10/09/2015
10/10/2015 10/23/2015
10/24/2015 11/06/2015
11/07/2015 11/20/2015
11/21/2015 12/04/2015
12/05/2015 12/18/2015
12/19/2015 12/31/2015

Determination of tax status and completion of tax forms

International employees must comply with the U.S. Tax Code. To ensure compliance, you must make an appointment with the appropriate campus international tax specialist to complete the proper tax forms and establish correct tax status. Please make your appointment as close to your employment start date as possible.  At times, it may be two to four weeks before an international tax specialist can meet with you due to busy academic and tax year schedules.  There is generally no negative ramification to a delay in meeting with our office.

 If you’ve reached your 31st day of employment with the university and have applied for but not yet been issued a Social Security number, please have your department payroll representative contact the International Tax Office.

See these references for general information on immigration, taxation and the Social Security policy:

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