Nonresident Employees (International Employees)

Nonresident employees must keep visa status information current with Employee Services. Accurate data helps us enter the appropriate tax withholding and application of any available tax treaties and/or eligible university benefits.

Each nonresident employee must schedule an appointment with an international tax specialist and update his/her status whenever a change occurs. Department leads can help by informing new and continuing nonresident employees of this requirement whenever they know a change is occurring in their employees' visa status or employment eligibility. Departments should never provide tax advice or tax forms (i.e., Form W-4) to international employees.

Appointments are available at Employee Services, 1800 Grant St. in Denver. Call 303-860-4200 to schedule an appointment.

Upon arrival in the United States, nonresident aliens eligible to work must apply for a Social Security number, which is required for wages to be paid and reported correctly. Download the Social Security Card Application Form.

Requirements and timing for the application process have changed. For information and guidelines, visit the International Employees page and review "Social Security Administration Delays in Social Security Number Issuance to International Employees and "Tax Reference for International Visitors."