Late Payments

For various reasons, an employee's wage payment may be delayed.

Reasons for late payments may include:

  • late entry or approval of job data (past the payroll schedule deadlines)
  • incorrect entry of job data
  • hours or amounts not entered or approved in Time Collection
  • late hire of employees
  • late social security number for international employees

Special Offcycle verses Handdrawns for Late Payments

Special Offcycle

Pay for both monthly and bi-weekly paid employees can now be entered in the Special Offcycle (Special Payroll Processing).  The deadline for BOTH Special Offcycle Time Collection and handdrawns is Tuesday at noon and BOTH pay on Friday.  For most instances of late pay, the pay should be entered into the Special Offcycle and there is no advantage of a handrawn for these situations.  Click the link for step-by-steps on using the Special Offcycle. Please consult your payroll calendar for any changes.

Late pay on faculty contracts may also be entered in the Special Offcycle, but the earnings code of CRG must be used.  Do not use RGS or REG for Faculty paid contracts.  For step-by-step instructions on using the Special Offcycle for late payments, please refer to the Special Offcycle Guide.

Handdrawn Warrants

In the following circumstances, pay must be processed through a handdrawn and should NOT be entered in the Special Offcycle:

  • Term-for-Cause    Termination for Cause Procedures
  • Lost Check/Stop Pay/Reissue
  • Employee has transferred to a new position, department or pay group
  • The final payout on a deceased employee

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